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Botswana is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries, encapsulating everything that is quintessentially African, from gorgeous un-spoilt vegetation, to the vast Okavango Delta that acts as a sustainer of life for the incredible wildlife population.

Land locked between Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa, Botswana is a large country with nearly 40% of its land belonging to national parks and wildlife reserves. Botswana is home to an immeasurable and diverse amount of animals that are able to roam freely. Despite its large size, Botswana actually does not have a large population and is one of the most dispersed places in Africa, which means there is plenty of natural and vast land for you to explore!

All reserves in Botswana offer incredible safari activities such as game drives, canoe trips, river cruises across the Chobe, nature walks and even horse back and elephant back safaris! You are able to experience nature in an interactive way, learning how to look after and appreciate our world at the same time. All safari activities are conducted by trained guides to ensure your safety and to ensure you get the most out of your safari adventure.

Okavango Delta & Moremi

The world’s largest inland delta and a World Heritage Site, the Okavango is one of the richest and most varied habitats in Africa, and ranks as a top wildlife destination. This vast and virtually untouched freshwater wetland lies at the heart of Botswana’s arid Kalahari yet supports an abundance of wildlife.

Botswana, a country rich in diversity, wildlife and sheer beauty. Botswana prides itself on offering guest’s picture-perfect scenery and lodges that will leave you feeling regal, and most importantly, comfortable. The beautiful surrounds will make you feel as if you are in paradise and the seclusion will take your mind off the busy city life you are escaping. Botswana provides a range of accommodation across the Okavango Delta for guests to choose from.

As one of Africa’s premier safari destinations, Botswana has plenty of fine hotels and lodges. We offer all of them to you, all at the best rates available thanks to our close relationship with accommodation owners.

Featured Accommodation

Khwai River Lodge

The inviting tented rooms at Khwai River Lodge feature panoramic private decks. They’re the perfect theatre from which to enjoy the drama of the wild.

Savute Elephant Lodge

Breathlessly captivating, this corner of Botswana has long been associated with the world’s greatest explorers, including David Livingstone. Follow in their footsteps at Savute Elephant Lodge.

Eagle Island Lodge

Eagle Island Lodge brings timeless luxury to the Botswana wetlands. High-ceilinged tented rooms flood with light; each has a plunge pool and oversized bed with views of the Delta.

Botswana Photographic Safaris

Botswana consists of some of the most breathtaking and amazing landscapes in southern Africa – the vast Chobe National Park and Chobe River breathe life into the country as flora and fauna flourish in the surrounds. The beautiful Okavango Delta is renowned across the world as a unique and stunning destination, with a rich diversity of wildlife and plant life. The spectacular natural sights make for an amazing photographic safari experience, which promises thrilling wildlife and magnificent natural landscapes, all waiting to be captured on your camera. At East Cape Tours, we can help you create a Photographic Safari Botswana tour that will ensure a memorable safari adventure. There are plenty of places in Botswana to have a photographic safari including the Okavango Delta, as well as the surrounding areas, such as the Chobe National Park, Maun, Savute, Khwai and the Moremi reserves. Other destinations, such as Nxai Pan National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are also beautiful and exciting to travel to, offering unique landscapes that are fantastic to photograph.

Botswana Seasonal Information

Botswana has a dry and wet season. The dry season, running from May until October is the best time for a safari in Botswana. There is less vegetation and animals congregate around water sources. The skies are clear and there is very little rain. As for the wet season that runs from November until April, continuous rain can occur. This does not mean that wildlife sightings don’t occur. New born animals can be spotted as well as migratory birds. Whichever season you choose to travel to Botswana, ensure that you pack the basics like light clothing, a rain jacket, sunscreen, swim-wear, a camera, binoculars and mosquito repellent. Be sure to consult your doctor about malaria medication before embarking on your holiday.