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Mozambique combines a tropical paradise with spectacular wildlife and a rich cultural heritage, resulting in a fantastic holiday destination that you will return to time and time again.

Mozambique is a true feast for the senses. The country is a melting pot of different cultures and deep-rooted traditions. It boasts dramatic landscapes that range from towering mountain ranges to game-rich grasslands and powdery beaches. Mozambique has a warm, tropical climate, especially in summer when temperatures and humidity levels rise significantly. With its mostly untouched coastline and a thrill around every corner, Mozambique is a unique destination that presents a fun mix of both seaside relaxation and adventurous chaos. Those who have had the opportunity to explore this uniquely beautiful country know that it won’t be long before they are booking their next trip!

Mozambique is a beautiful country situated in southeast Africa along the Indian Ocean, and promises a unique and stunning getaway that mimics an exclusive island holiday. Enjoy a stunning tropical adventure in Mozambique today! East Cape Tours have selected the finest 5-star luxury accommodation in Mozambique for you to choose from. All the accommodations are lavish and stunningly beautiful, ensuring you have the luxurious holiday you have always dreamed about.

To properly experience the culture of Mozambique, a visit to the capital Maputo is a must. The capital city consists of wide avenue with shops on every corner and a bustling and vibrant atmosphere. Popular sites include the museum, where various cultural artefacts can be seen, and the Iron House and Central Railway Station, both designed by renowned architect, Gustave Eiffel. There is also the Maputo National Reserve, also known as the Elephant Park because of its abundance of elephants, here you are able to experience some amazing wildlife sightings, including elephant,  hippos, crocodiles, jackals, flamingos, antelope and leopards.
Not far from Maputo is the historical Inhaca Island, which consists of 40km of pristine beach and coral reefs. There is also a beautiful, old lighthouse and a fascinating museum of marine biology.

For a cosmopolitan and chic city experience, the beautiful coastal town of Pemba is the place to go. Although being bustling and busy, the town maintains a rustic feel, but is warm and welcoming. Comprised of stunning Portuguese colonial archeitecture and littered with cafes, bars, and restaurants that serve a fusion of traditional, Portuguese and western foods. The town has a backdrop of gorgeous hills that blend into the sky and baobab trees grow amongst it, where locals have erected wooden huts. Wimbe Beach is the main beach, where the silky sand melts away into the warm, and crystal clear, Indian Ocean. Pemba is a popular destination for water sports and, because of the mass of coral reefs; it is a prime diving destination. There is a market in the centre of town, called a Souk, which sells an array of items, including traditional and hand-made trinkets, silver and other various arts and crafts. Pemba is also in close proximity to Quirimbas National Park and serves as a stopover or the gateway city to the park. There are numerous wonderful accommodations in Pemba, ranging from swanky beach front hotels to modest villas facing the sea. Whatever holidays you’re interested in, our Mozambique Lodge Specials are sure to have what you are looking for, so browse our page for fantastic deals.