The Chobe River, Botswana

Chobe River, Botswana

Set on the northern border of the Chobe National Park in Botswana is the magnificent Chobe River. The River acts as the lifeline of the national park, attracting scores of fascinating African animals who drink from and live in the fresh waters. The Chobe River is popular with the African Elephants – more often than not, these gentle giants can be found congregated around the water’s edge, drinking, cooling down and playing with the water, making for some incredible safari sights.


The history of the Chobe River is romantic, joining three of Africa’s most renowned rivers. The Chobe, Zambezi and the Okavango Rivers are closely connected, with the Okavango Delta connected via the Silenda Spillway – the high floods from the Okavango escape through the southern end of the Panhandle and flow gracefully into the Chobe. Legend has it million of years ago all three rivers, the Chobe, the Zambezi and the Okavango flowed as one, right across the Kalahari until they met with the Limpopo River, before finally spilling into the Indian Ocean. The shifting Earth interrupted this flow, forming dams and blocks, which in turn created the Linyanti Swamps.

The Chobe River surges up the northern Angolan highlands, where the River goes by a different name, Kwando, and then stretches right across the Kalahari. The beautiful Chobe edges through dense reeds and swamps, forming lagoons where elephants gather, and crocodiles lurk in the shallows.


The Chobe National Park, which the Chobe River borders, is home to a number of Africa’s most extraordinary wildlife. The national park provides a unique and thrilling water-based safari experience, one that will forever stay in your memories. Along the River plenty of animals can be sighted including zebra, buffalo, giraffe, impala, waterbuck, lions, leopard, wild dog and cheetah. In addition to the 75 mammals found in Chobe National Park, there are also over 450 bird species, making it a haven for bird lovers. That being said, the African Elephants are the most attractive sight along the Chobe. Herds of elephants can be found enjoying the fresh waters of the Chobe, providing one of your more memorable safari sights!


The Chobe River and the Chobe National Park is special and diverse with a range of activities for travellers. The park offers the incredibly unique experience of water-based safaris or boat cruises conducted on houseboats or cruise boats. Water-based safaris are an excellent way to view the playful elephants, as well as to enjoy birding. Photographic safaris are usually also conducted on the water, as the stunning Chobe River and the African horizon encompass the essence of nature photography. Fishing is another popular activity as the Chobe River has an abundance of fish gracing its waters. The River is a great place to catch the famed Tigerfish, a remarkable and prized catch! Land safaris are available as well as walking safaris, activities allowing guests to explore the Chobe National Park and discover the exciting wildlife and plant life within it.

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